Publications (Patterns, Books, Magazines)
What we would we do without a pattern, book or magazine. Our lives would be less colorful and making a quilt, purse, etc. a lot harder. You would have to do all the MATH.

Crazy Quilts
We are bitten by the Crazy Quilt Craze and if you are too this is the section for you.

Fabric Specials
These fabrics are drastically reduced for your sewing pleasure. Quantities are limited, so order early. There is a one yard minimum purchase but you can order more.

We love fabrics, don't you. We carry choice pieces.

Favorite Tools, Trims and Tidbits
Here is where you will find what we find cool and useful as well as trims, buttons, etc. and tidbits (where else could we fit felt balls.)

Light Up Your Sewing World
See More, Sew More

Quilt Kits
These are kits where the pattern and fabric that the JaM Patch has chosen is included. This is the easy way to chose a project and get it DONE!