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 *A Charmed Life
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A Charmed Life

A Special Block of the Month Quilt
by Robyn Pandolph
featuring the fabric from Rue Saint Germain
76" x 80"

  It is here at the JaM Patch!!!!!!!
Please see information and sign-up sheet at the end of section on "A Charmed Life."
The fabrics are wonderful and remind you of the wonderful things and family you love and the wonderful rips that have dotted your life.  We all have and now it is returning a charm bracelet where memories were kept and
special moments dangled from yout wrist.
Here is a link to the fabric swatches at RJR Fabrics.

The center is the Eiffle Tower!!!!  What a charmed life to remember Paris!!!!

And here it is!  The picture doesn't do it justice.

The JaM Patch presents
Robyn Pandolph’s “A Charmed Life”
We have kitted this special Block of the Month Program to assist you in completion of this quilt top.
The fabrics for each block have been individually cut and are in the corresponding pattern folder. We have reduced the amounts suggested if possible to keep the cost of the fabric kit to a minimum. The yardage of backgrounds is whole and to be cut as directed for the 12 blocks. Block 13 is cut separately. 
All the block background have been done “reverse appliqué” with the blue dot cut away from the floral fabric. This cut out section is then used throughout the appliqués. Save all your cut outs!
Our sample has been completed with fusible appliqué. We used Steam a Seam Lite. When the pieces have been fused down they are then stitched down to assure they are there to stay. The stitching also enhances the designs. We chose to stitch the appliqués down before the blocks have been put together. 

Pattern: “A Charmed Life” $81.00

Fabric Kit: $ 85.00 formerly $136.00   (does not include binding and backing)

It's Duffle Bag Time

The Duffle Bag. the perfect gift for all!!!

The Perfect price 4 yards of fabric (2 yards of 2 different fabrics), Quilt Quality $35.00 per kit  NOW ON SALE FOR $25.00/KIT.  

Each year we try to think of a project that can be done as the perfect gift for the Holiday Season and for Birthdays, etc.  It is a challenge because so many of us are with such an extensive list and we want to give something that will be used.  Well, we happened upon what we think is terrific….THE DUFFLE BAG.  We decided okay let’s make one and see how it goes and if it is the perfect gift.

The Duffle Bag defined in the dictionary as “A cylindrical canvas bag carried over the shoulder, originally used esp. by sailors for carrying personal articles.”  Okay and it carries stuff, stuff on the plane, stuff to college, stuff to grandma’s house, it is a stuff carrier and even stuff on a boat.  Well who doesn’t have STUFF?  It meets a big requirement. It is suitable for all people of all ages and stages. 


So will our design work?  Samples were made, patterns were written and changed and tested and viola a duffle bag emerged.  And now the final test…..is it usable?  You bet it is.  We are grabbing it more and more.  It fits on a plane; it is light-weight and perfect for a long weekend.  But it, also, is great for the maker…you can practice your quilting skills and get better at free motion should you chose that quilting style.  (You first sandwich and quilt the two yard piece as desired.)

The pattern is provided free with your purchase of the Duffle Bag Quilt and we have loads of different kits to get you going.  We do not sell the Duffle Bag pattern separate.  You only need batting, quilting thread and you are ready to go.  You can purchase with a zipper or without and the fabric is priced at $8.00 a yard (what a bargain!) and a fee for the pattern and zipper should you chose to order it that way!

So place your order at our Internet Shoppe and here is a link to the page!!!!!!