JaM Patch News --- Whats Happening!!!!!

Hello to all,
Summer Camp was a blast.  They finished their lunch bags on Friday night and have flowers done for Saturday's project and many were quilting on their table runner on Sunday.  We thank all of our customers for the great fun and happy weekend.  Boy, the food at the Friday Night's Opening party was fabulous, as usual, including the dumped cake.  Ask anyone, it was a blast!!!
We have included at the close of this email our schedule for June and July.  We  have some specials happenings on the horizon.  PMS meets this Saturday at 9:30am.  We are getting to the end and will have a special center house block class on Wednesday, June 23rd at 9am until 12 noon.  This is a class you can sew in and work on the block.  Next weekend is Thimbleberries Club Meetings on Friday and Saturday, June 18th and 19th.  June 25th (6 months before Christmas) is set for an all day seminar with Handwork projects for Christmas.  Check the website this Sunday evening for all the information and pictures and the fee which will include all projects with pattern and fabric.  Running behind on computer work.  Saturday, June 26th, do we have a real special day planned for you.  It is FREE.  Marsha, our Checker's rep, will be here for demos on all the new and tried and true notions.  The presentations will be at 11am and 1pm.  This is something not to miss. We will also be presenting our new Christmas lines, samples and special camps and events such as "It's raining men....SNOWMEN!" for the first weekend in August.
The UFO Days are growing.  We have two days set for next week on Tuesday and Thursday, June 15th and June 17th.  UFO is a day we open up our classroom and let you come and work on projects that you need extra space to do them in or you just want companionship. We try to be of assistance and help you as much as we can while the store is open.  There is a fee of $10.00 and we do need to have you call or email us so we don't have too many on any given day. Future dates for June are as follows: June 22nd and 24th, Tuesday and Thursday of the next week and Wednesday, June 30th. 
We are sorry to say that the Quilting classes with Kathy scheduled for next week have been cancelled because of a lack of sign-ups.  They will be rescheduled again and hopefully your schedules won't be so busy and you will be able to come to some of the best Quilting classes I have ever seen.  Summers are fun but it seems they are as hectic as the the rest of the year.  Where did those lazy days of summer go?????? 
New fabric, notions, books and patterns are arriving almost daily.  We have a nice selection of Christmas here with more to follow over the next few weeks.  Halloween and fall are arriving as well.  We are excited about some of the patterns and books that have arrived. You should see the new book from Buggy Barn called  "Positively Crazy" and the new fabric line they have done in purples and lavenders.  The fabric line is due in August but the book is HERE!  There are some really cute banners where a quilt is made to hold them and ten each month a different center is placed on it.  There are three patterns called "Turning Pages 1,2 and 3."  We have sold out quickly and are reordering but we do have a set to show you at the store if you would like a call when they come in again.   
Well, we have just spent the last week and a half, with two more to go, of non-stop sales calls and buying sessions. Margy and I have been sitting looking at the luscious fabrics and programs that are out there.  We prefer to be helping you but this is one of necessary parts of our store life.  We, also, would love to be working on projects and planning new events; buying is exhausting.  We have decided to participate in The Bread and Butter Society brought to you by Kaye England. Wait until you see what McKenna Ryan has in the offering for those of us who love the sea and seashore.  Margy and I can see the potential not just for McKenna's patterns but also for what we can do with this fabric line.  We saw the fabric that has been designed and done for the new book by Jennifer Chiaverini "Aloha Quilt" and we were impressed.  It is so pretty and you can easily own an Hawaiian appliquee quilt with the soft colored panel the line provides.  Batiks, well, what could I possibly say that would let you know how beautiful they are.  The new colors, the new stamps, and the overall feel of them is just great.  We are excited about what we saw and bought.  Now, we also have found a beautiful novelty with Cosmopolitans (for you Sex in the City fans) and martinis.  Now don't come running in because this will not be brought to us until late August and September.  We are excited about what we saw. 
Have a great week.  We hope to see you soon and, if traveling, stay safe and sound.
Joey and Margy
The JaM Patch
932 SE Central Parkway
Stuart, Florida 34994

The JaM Patch

932 SE Central Parkway, Stuart, FL 34994

(772) 283-9889   www.jampatch.com

Schedule of classes and events:

*bold, italic are NEW, new Events or one day classes listed

JaM Patch begins closing at 2 PM on Saturdays. Hours 10am - 2pm


UFO Sewing Days means the classroom is open for friends and quilters to gather and work on projects they might need more space to work on, some assistance or they just might

 want to sew with friends. We do help if help is needed. The general feeling is you get more done because there are no distractions (like dust bunnies.) 

The fee is $10.00 per day. 



June 11 Fri      9:30 - 12:30  Lucky Stars with Jackie (1/2) $45

June 12 Sat     9:30   PMS

June 14 Mon    9:30 - 12 Tops Done/ Now what?? With Jackie (1/2) $40

June 15 Tues   10 - 3 UFO Sewing Day

June 16 Wed   10 - 3 Martin Cnty Quilters Charity Sew In

June 17 Thur   10 - 3 UFO Sewing Day

June 18 Fri      10 - 2 Thimbleberries Club

June 19 Sat     10 - 2 Thimbleberries Club

June 21 Mon    9:30 - 12 Tops Done (2/2)

June 22 Tues 10 - 3 UFO Sewing Day

June 23 Wed   9 - 2 PMS Center Help Class with Joey

June 24 Thur 10 - 3 UFO Sewing Day

June 25 Fri     CHRISTMAS EVE event all day

June 26 Sat    9:30 Saturday Sampler

                    11 and 1 demos with Marsha - NEW NOTIONS

June 28 Mon   1 Saturday Sampler repeated

June 29 Tues 9 - 3 Sweet Shop with Jeri $25 includes pattern

June 30 Wed 10 - 3 UFO Sewing Day



1 Thu   10 -2 Crazy Sails with Margy (1/2) $45

 9:30 - 12:30 Lucky Stars with Jackie (2/2)

3 Sat  CLOSED to Celebrate the 4th

5 Mon   9 - 12 Civil War (7/12)

6 Tues 5:30 - 8 Beginning Piecing with Jackie (1/3) $50

7 Wed 10 - 3 UFO Sewing Day

8 Thur 10 -3 UFO Sewing Day

9 Fri     9 - 5 MCQ Seminar in Class room

12 Mon 10 - 3 UFO Sewing Day

13 Tues 5:30 - 8 Beginning Piecing (2/3)

16 Fri    10 - 2 Thimbleberries Club

17 Sat   10 - 2 Thimbleberries Club

19 Mon   10 -3 UFO Sewing Day

20 Tue   5:30 - 8 Beginning Piecing (3/3)

21 Wed 10 - 3 MCQ Charity in Class room

22 Thur 10 -2 Crazy Sails (2/2)

23 Fri    UFO Sewing Day

24 Sat   9:30 Saturday Sampler

              12pm PMS

26 Mon 1pm Saturday Sampler repeated

27 Tues 9 - 3 Sweet Shop with Jeri $25 includes pattern

28 Wed 10 - 3 UFO Sewing Day

31 Sat   10 -2 5th Saturday SALE (Green Bag/Charm Holder)


Remember the JaM Patch beginning in May will close at 2pm on Saturday. 

Hours will be Monday - Friday 10 - 4 and Saturday 10 - 2.


August 6, 7, 8th      It's Raining Men...Snowmen Camp