The Fabric Bazaar is here!!!!

Hi to all and again Happy New Year,

We are excited the new year is finally here and this weekend we will be offering another Fabric Bazaar at the Hampton Inn in Stuart.  We will be open there from 10am to 4pm and remember the early bird usually just catches the CROWD.
  It is both Saturday and Sunday and if the sales are good on Saturday, we will bring some more fabric over on Sunday morning.  As we analze the warehouse....this could be the last Fabric Bazaar.  We know what we sold last time and this time could finish what we have to sell at these fabulous prices. 

The prices are $4.00 per yard unless you finish the bolt and then it is $3.00 a yard.  The only snag is it is CASH ONLY.  We cannot cover clearing charges on credit cards and checks at these prices.  There is no ATM at the hotel.  REMEMBER THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO GET BACKS!!!!  The savings are greatest when you pick up yardage.  Another tip from one of our customers was bringing a large canvas bag to hold bolts as they pick them and get in line for the
cutting.  Patience is you best friend at the Bazaar.

See you Saturday or Sunday!

Happy Quilting,
Joey and Margy
The JaM Patch