Exciting News - "Light Up Your Sewing World"


It was so good seeing so many of you this weekend at the JaM Patch Bazaar.  We wish you had brought some "Show and Tells" as we sure miss that but the pictures of grandbabies growing and all were great.  If you were there on Sunday you got to see the apple of her Grandma's eye (and Joey's. too), Brooke came with her parents.  They tried to get in on Saturday but we were too busy. Now if you are wondering does she beam when she sees Margy? Why, for sure.  And Margy beams back.  Stephanie and Sean were good as well but everyone had eyes for Brooke. She is such a cutie and so pleasant but she is a Daddy's girl as Grandma says from the mouth up.   We, also, want to thank Judie and Sue who were able assistants and all of you for coming.  It is fun to see and hear you all.  I am still without a voice but it is coming back.  That fabric can do me in as well as an old fashion cold!!!!

It was always our vision to try to keep our customers up to date with the neatest notions that we could find...and that is what we hope to still continue through this newsletter and our website.  We have found something that has knocked our socks off and well the best way to describe it....is it "Lights up our Sewing World."  We all are in need of better lighting at our sewing machines and especially after sewing for awhile. (Notice I didn't mention aging!!!) And we have tried many products but somehow, they are always in the line of your vision.  So, while reading one of the numerous blogs I read, there was mention of these lights that actually attach to the bottom edge of your machine's arm and light it up, I was intrigued.  Margy and I then began the work of locating the manufacture, talking to them and getting some sets to try for ourselves.  And did they LIGHT IT UP!!!!!!  I was in New England and Margy texted me the before and after and it was quite a WOW!!!!  See for yourselves..........


They even have a set that fits on the bottom of a Featherweight and lights it up.  They will fit your domestic sewing machine, your mid-arm and perhaps anything else you own in the way of a sewing machine. They do not have to be removed to put your machine in your case. They are also, cost effective, if you have more than one machine, you only need to buy the light set for the second, or third machine and use the same power cord and all. They are easy to install and we are taking pre-orders before the Mancuso show to our Newsletter groupies, so go and check them out on the website at this link www.jampatch.com/shop/New-Products/Light-Up-Your-Sewing-World.htm and order.  We will ship them for free or they can be picked up at the Mancuso show, if they arrive in time.  Your credit card will not be charged until the items are received and ready to ship or be picked up.  Sorry the secret password and discount are not offered. 

We also have a surprise at the Mancuso show of the perfect Guild exchange gift of 3 handy dandy tools for $10.00 and we will show you them to you in the newsletter next week.  And new things you haven't seen. 

In fact you have until midnight Saturday, October 29th to use the secret password for your 20% discount....Candy Corn 2011 on any other products.  All good things must come to an end and it is now ending.  We are loading more items and you will see loads of items that you haven't seen at the Brick and Mortar Store.

We are also participating in the November 15th - December 15th Holiday On-line Shop Hop.  It is sponsored by FabShop. The link is on the home page of our website and you can use this link to get there.

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