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Didn't that subject line sound like Maxwell Smart.....always wanted to have a secret code but my male cousins wouldn't share their ring and all...so now I do....yeah!!!!!  Drum roll, please.  The secret code is " Candy Corn 2011" and if you put that in as a coupon code, your 20% will automatically be deducted on your order form.  That means 20% off on Baltimore Album Quilt, Beach Walk, Dance of Candy Corn and all.  Wow, again!!!!  Great savings.  This is only happening for a limited time.....we think October 31st is when candy corns are over but........  Here is the link: 

Okay and now the real reason we wrote....Brooke, Margy's grandbaby, has sampled or should we say licked her first CANDY CORN.  Here are the pictures to prove it. 

Picture 1  Okay, what is this???
Picture 2 Oh, this is pretty good tasting!!!
Picture 3 Let's keep Ginger, the dog, out of my candy.  Thanks Grandma!!!

Now that should help you remember the code CANDY CORN 2011!!!!!
Margy and I are busy working on new items for our booth at Mancuso World Quilt Show III on November 10, 11 and 12 in Palm Beach at the Convention Center on Okeechobee Blvd, east of I-95.  But if you are looking for true bargains......put October 22nd and 23rd on your calendar for a visit to the JaM Patch Bazaar  at the Hampton Inn on US 1 on the northside of the Roosevelt Bridge.

Our best for a great quilting week,
Joey and Margy
The JaM Patch