JaM Patch News ---- Close Date set...Saturday, May 7th

Hi to all,

We hope this finds you well and happy.  Margy and I are getting happier each day as the time approaches when the JaM Patch will be closed. The date has now been set.  We will close the JaM Patch at the close of business on Saturday, May 7th.   We hope you are able to get by for the bargains.  This week beginning on Friday,  April 29th, we will be offering all fabric at $6.00 a yard except for the vinyl coated, minkee, silks, and other specialty fabric.  They will be 40% off. This also includes the wide backs which will be 40% off.
There is a one yard minimum requirement.  The store's remaining products, such as patterns, books, notion, rulers, etc. will be 40% off.  These prices apply to cash and check sales only.  We have listened and you can still use your credit cards but there will be only 35% off and $6.50 per yard for the fabrics.  This to offset the costs involved with credit and debit card usage.  The samples are still sold at the price placed on the item.  The remaining fixtures that are to be sold have been priced and will be available for pick-up as soon as we are able to empty them.  The latest will be May 20th for you to pick it up.  Everything that is for sale has a price on it. Please remember all sales are final and there are no returns. 

Also, please bring your tote bag as bags are again at a premimum and we are not buying more.  We all own tote bags galore...so remember bring them.

Many of you have asked why we didn't sell the business,  well that means, in our minds, selling our names so the business and our name has never been for sale.  That doesn't mean that anyone of you who is interested in having a quilt shop cannot buy our fixtures, talk to our landlord and open a quilt shop where there has been a quilt shop for almost 10 years.  The old adage of what is the key thing for a new business is location, location, location.  Well this is the dream place.  You don't have to advertise where you are...they will come naturally.  The business is very sound...it is just we want to RETIRE.  So think about it quickly and talk to us. 

The last day for George to come to the store will be Monday, May 2nd.  Please call to make an appointment for him to clean and service your machine.  To help you, call (772)283-9889.  For those of you who have already told us, you are on the list.  If we have more than he can do in a day, then we can get him to come again. 

Many of you have been calling and  asking about the various guilds in the area.  We do not have time to individually give you all this information, so I thought why not put it in the Newsletter and everyone will receive the information.  They are all great groups.

Martin County Quilters
Second Thursday of the month at 7:00PM, doors open at 6:30PM
Temple Beit Ha'Yam at 951 Monterey Commons Blvd in Stuart.
Dues are $25.00

Thimblebuddies Quilt Guild
Fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00PM, meet and greet time at 5:30
Center for Aging on Bayshore Drive in Port Saint Lucie
Dues are $25.00

Crazy Quilters
Every Wednesday at 1:00PM (Meetings are 1st and 3rd wednesday and Show workshops the other Wenesdays.
St.  Andrew Lutheran Church at 295 Prima Vista; West of Airoso in Port Saint Lucie
They will be hosting a Quilt Show in February 3rd and 4th, 2012 at the St Lucie County Convention Center

Have a great day.  We will miss you all.  But now is the time to get the bargains.   

Joey and Margy
the JaM Patch
932 SE Central Parkway
Stuart, FL 34994