JaM Patch News ---- Happy Easter and Passover.... Closing is in Full Swing

 Hi to all,

We are sure having fun seeing all of you and we are so happy when you tell us that you have enjoyed visiting our store.  It makes Margy and I feel so good.  The store definitely has less merchandise but there is still plenty to purchase.  We continue to remove displayers and get more floor space to walk, admire and buy.  I have seen fabric that even I forgot we bought. What pretty assortments you are making without any of our help.  We can get into a rut and you sure aren't in one.  We have seen the talent you have picking fabric ,even though you say you can't, is amazing.  You are a great bunch of fabric artists.

As promised, we have the samples priced that we are selling. There are jackets, purses, pillows, table runners, quilt tops and even completed quilts.  Many have gone, but there is still a nice assortment.  The price marked is the final cost, no additional 30% off.  Many fixtures are now appearing with a price on them.....some can go now or others may have to wait for later May pick-up.  Again, they are at their final price.  You can own a thread displayer to put your own collection in for $20.00. All tables are $25.00 and the folding chairs are $5.00.

Just wanted to let you know that after each e-mail goes out there is a list on the front door of unadvertised specials.  These are items available at even a greater price break to you.  So it pays to stop by and see those specials as well.  Now what you have all been waiting for is what is the new advertised specials for this week.  The prices go into effect on the t day you receive the email.  This week the specials begin on Thursday, April 21st.  Complete a bolt and receive 40% off on the whole bolt....early bird will definetly get the worm or should I say LITTLE BOLTS.  The patterns will continue at 40% off and the kits are remaining at their unadvertised special of 40% off. All old Christmas fabric is $5.00 per yard. (New Christmas 2011 is not included in this special.) Of course, the rest of the store is 30% off everything.  Please remember the smallest unit we will rip is 1 yard.  You can purchase more but minimum is 1 yard.  We are not cutting fat quarters but if you buy 20 you can take them home for just $30.

Many of you have asked us when the final day will be and we are pretty sure it will be Saturday, May 14th.  But this is not set in stone.  This is the latest....it could be sooner.  Once May arrives, no credit cards or debit cards will be able to be used at the Patch.  We will accept cash and checks only, so this is the time to come in and shop with your cards. 

George will be here again on Monday.  He can service and clean your sewing, embroidery and surgering machines.  Drop off your machine before 11am on Monday and it will probably be complete by 3pm.

We hope you-all have had a wonderful Passover and on Sunday a beautiful Easter with family and friends.  Remember, don't eat too many PEEPS, leave some for me. 

Our best,

Joey and Margy
The JaM Patch
932 SE Central Parkway
Stuart, FLorida 34994