JaM Patch News ----- Yes, we are CLOSING

Hi to all,

The first week and a half is over for the closing sale of the JaM Patch and we have been busy.  The good news for you is there is still plenty to purchase.  Just so you don't think that a trip to the Patch isn't worth it......here are some pictures of the store on Monday morning.  I think you will note that there is still plenty to fufill your quilting dreams.  The bargains are great as most of the fabric is still in the pre-cotton price increases and freight surcharges.  Now is the perfect time to buy some backs for quilts that are not quilted or are not even started.


Yes, as you can see we are still open for business with loads of fabulous finds.  Please remember that all sales are final.  The entire store is 30% OFFWe are still allowing payment in cash, checks and charge or debit cards.  It is a great idea to bring the fabrics you need to match with you.  And a tote bag comes in real handy although we do have the sand buckets and baskets by the front door for your shopping convenience.  It is busy by 11am but when we open at 10am there is a bit more breathing room.

We have decided that we need to bring your attention to the kits that we have on our kit shelf and hanging on the back of it.  For Friday and Saturday, April 15th and 16th, they will be 40% off.  There is some fabulous fabric finds in these kits....so take a look and get a GREAT BARGAIN.

Many of you have asked us for prices on the samples. Friday morning, April 15th, we will have all the samples that are for sale priced and any small fixtures that we are selling priced.  They will have a yellow tag with the price marked.  These are NOT 30% OFF.  Also, any of you sample makers, your pieces are ready for pick-up.

George will still be coming on Mondays.  We will give you his phone number, if you wish to make arrangements with him for future cleanings and repair.  He will be happy to set something up.  Bring your machines in for that cleaning.  He will be coming until we don't have machines for him to service or our doors close.

Again thank you for your patronage and have a great time here at your visit.  We are counting the days till we retire!!

Our best,
Joey and Margy
The JaM Patch
932 SE Central Parkway
Stuart, Florida 34994