JaM Patch News --- Green Bag Charm Holder Sale Extended

Hi to all,

We hope you have a fabulous Halloween. Margy and I will be in Houston, howling at the Fall Quilt Market, finding the latest and greatest new items. We will be sharing all this with demos and talks on Friday, November 5th and Saturday, November 6th. You will be able to experience all the thrilling finds at Market. We are already making plans for how many suitcases we will be taking to bring stuff back. What a great fun time we have planned for you! Hope you can make it.

Green Bag - Charm Holder Weekend Extended

Yes, you read it right. We are extending the savings to both Friday and Saturday, October 29th and October 30th. It is our Halloween Treat for you!!!!!! Now for those of you who are not in the know, here is the 5th Saturday Specials in a nutshell. If you own our Green Bag (sorry we are sold out), you are able to fill that bag (and we mean fill) and get 20% off everything in the bag. If you have a JaM Charm Holder (still available) from the JaM Patch, you are not limited to what fits in the Green Bag, but everything you purchase on the 5th Saturday and this time the Friday before will be 20% off in your OWN bags. As always there are no Clubhouse points awarded or Clubhouse Gift Certificates redeemable. This includes everything except any BOM (such as Beach Walk or Baltimore Christmas) and any special orders. (Beach Walk patterns are also excluded.) What a great way to get thread, needles, Charm packs, etc. King Tut quilting thread was just fully restocked. Yes, and it, means that the 10 inventory numbers are included in the Green Charm Holder Sale!! You also can get a quarter of a yard or ten yards.....no minimum requirement at this weekend's sale.

Exciting News

The "Sand in my Shoe" fabric, better known as the fabric for "Beach Walk", has arrived. We are still missing one key background but the border has now come in. Hurrah and thank you, Maria, our customer service rep at Hoffman. For those of you who have purchased kits without the border, it is here for you to pick up. They are located behind the desk with your name on it. It is paid for so there are no additional charges. We are making every attempt to fill the existing orders fir this fabulous quilt top and then begin the kitting process all oveer again. We hope to have the entire kit ready again before market. Ok, I am pushing it but if you are not on our "waiting list" you may miss out on this on. Several of you have expressed interest to start after the first of he year. We are taking a list for that too. Give us a call or drop an e-mail.

Many of you have told us you have had difficulty retrieving our schedule form the web page so... below we have attached the current list of activities. Note we are scheduling for the New Year (ikes!) and we need your input. What are you looking for? Let us know please.  Also note we have a lot of special weekends planned.


We are planning to have some National Quilting Teachers come to the store. We would love to have your input and see who you would be interested in taking a class with? SO LETS US KNOW WHICH QUILTER YOU WANT TO COME HERE?????? Send us an email we will be at market and will be working on this.

PS When you receive this, the sale will begin. So come on in!!!!! Bring you Green Bag or Charm Holder.

Joey and Margy
The JaM Patch
932 SE Central Parkway
Stuart, Florida 34994

The JaM Patch
932 SE Central Parkway, Stuart, FL 34994
(772) 283-9889 www.jampatch.com
Schedule of classes and events:

*bold, italic are NEW, new Events or one day classes listed

UFO Sewing Days means the classroom is open for friends and quilters to gather and work on projects they might need more space to work on, some assistance or they just might want to sew with friends. The general feeling is you get more done because there are no distractions (like dust bunnies.) The fee is $10.00 per day.


29 Fri AND 30 Sat 5th Saturday Sale Green Bag/ Charm sale 20% off


1 - 4 UFO
5 AND 6 Fri and Sat 1pm FALL MARKET REVIEW Come see what is new!!

8 Mon 9 - 12 Civil War Continues

9 Tues UFO

10 Wed 9 - 12 Bread and Butter Society III

5:30 - 8 Beginning Piecing with Jackie $50 (1/3)

11 Thur 10 - 1 Baltimore Christmas

13 Sat 9 - 12 Bread and Butter Society III

12:30 - 4 Beach Walk $10 or FREE with purchase of the kit

15 Mon 10 - 2 Charmed Life blocks 4 - 6

16 Tues 10 - 3 Beginning Free Motion Quilting with Kathy $40

17 Wed UFO

5:30 - 8 Beginning Piecing (2/3)

18 Thur 10 - 3 Machine Quilting Feathers and Fillers with Kathy $40 *intermediate quilter

19 Fri 10 - 2 Thimbleberries Club

20 Sat 10 - 2 Thimbleberries Club

22 Mon UFO

23 Tues 9 - 1 Christmas Baltimore blocks 6 and 7

5:30 - 8 Beginning Piecing (3/3)

24 Wed 12:30 - 4 Beach Walk $10 or FREE with purchase of the kit



27 Sat 9:30 Saturday Sampler

29 Mon 1 Saturday Sampler repeated

30 Tues 10 - 2 Reindeer Magic beginning fusible appliqué with Margy $20 Kit available


1 Wed 5:30 - 8 Tops Done with Jackie $40 (1/2)

4 Sat 1 Thimbleberries Club 2010 end party

6 Mon 9 - 12 Civil War concludes

7 Tues 9 - 1 Christmas Baltimore blocks 8 and 9

8 Wed 9 - 12 Bread and Butter Society IV
5:30 - 8 Tops Done (2/2)

9 and 10 UFO

11 Sat 9 - 12 Bread and Butter Society IV

12:30 - 4 Beach Walk $10 or FREE with purchase of the kit

13 Mon 10 -2 Charmed Life blocks 7 - 9

14 and 15 UFO

16 , 17 and 18 HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE

18 Sat 9:30 Saturday Sampler Concludes

20 Mon 1pm Saturday Sampler Concludes

21 Tues UFO
22 Wed 12:30 - 4 Beach Walk $10 or FREE with purchase of the kit

24 and 25th Closed for the Holidays

31 Fri Closed for the NEW YEAR!

1ST closed for the New Year

5 Wed 9 - 12 Bread and Butter Society

8 Sat 9 - 12 Bread and Butter Society

12:30 - 4 Beach Walk play $10 OR Free with purchase of a kit

10 Mon 10 - 2 Charmed Life (10 - 12)

11 Tues 9 - 12 Baltimore Christmas (10 and 11)

25 Tues 9 - 12 Baltimore Christmas (12 and catch-up)

26 Wed 12:30 - 4 Beach Walk $10 or FREE with purchase of a kit

The NEW schedule for 2011 is booking up. Are you interested in a class or session of help? We are here to help you and your friends. Let us know what you are looking for. We will schedule.