JaM Patch News --- It's October and Winter Hours begin!!!!!

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Hello to all,
We sure lucked out and the storm has left us damp but with a beautiful today.  We were closed yesterday as we sincerely believe it is better to be safe than sorry and we wouldn't want our staff or you injured coming to the Quilt Shop.  We hope you got to stay home as we did and sew.  It was a great sewing day...thanks to no loss of electricity but Margy assured me that wouldn't be a problem for her because she has a generator.  I was impressed.  I hope our being closed was not an inconvenience for you.  We sure hope that the spigot shuts off and doesn't cause problems for the whole east coast. 
We will be open until 4pm starting this Saturday, October 2nd and running until next summer.  Summer is OVER!!!!
This week begins the sale on old bolts (no 10 inventory numbers) of our Traditional section and Thimbleberries.  This sale will run through next Saturday, October 9th.  They will be $5.00 a yard.  There is a one yard minimum or more to enjoy the special price.  They will join the Children's fabric and brights that are on special through Saturday, October 2nd.  The specials begin on Thursday.  This is the last weekend to enjoy the book sale older than 2010 to be 40%off.  There are some good ones still left, so stop by and take a look.  Time is also running out on the Holiday fabrics that are $5.50 a yard and located in our Sample Room (old Classroom.)  Remember no Clubhouse points are awarded or Clubhouse Gift Certificates
                 Brights                                             Children                                                     Traditional

                        Traditional                                     Thimbleberries                           Holiday    
New Arrivals
Treats are here!  Treats are here!  Okay, I know we talk about treats a lot but wait till you see these.  They are Timeless Treasures Tongas 2-1/2" strips, and 10" squares.  The colors are luscious and we love their names: Hard Candy, Taffy, Lemon Grass, etc.  They come in 40 piece packs and will work with any of the Rolls and Cakes patterns.  Don't have loads so a trip to the store is a necessity in a hurry to see and get some.

The Batik Wide Backs have arrived in as well as some other new Tonga Batik prints to go with the Treats. 
New book such as Nancy Halvorsen's Tidings, This and That's Northern Botanicals, and a cute pattern by Crazy Old Ladies' Which Witch?  Steady Bettys are in as well as Gypsy Sit Upons.
Beach Walk was postponed to 12:30pm on Friday, October 1st, for those of you who are starting on this journey.  We are waiting for more fabric and we will be so excited when it comes in.  This is going to be so much fun seeing the scene grow on your fabric.  The next class will be on Saturday, October 9th at 12:30 pm until 4pm.  This is a free class if you purchased the patterns and fabric from the JaM Patch.  If not, there is a fee of $10 per class.

Margy's Blocks

Next week we have a fun schedule and there are still spaces available.  Monday from 9 -12 noon, the Civil war girls will be proceeding on block 10 and boy are they looking good.  Margy has begun the Medallion Center and it is a WOW!  We still have one full kit available if you are interested in having this quilt.  It is to commemorate the 150 Anniversary of the Civil War. 
On Tuesday, we will begin the Bling Class.  It is being held in two session on the 5th and 19th, so you can get your diamonds done and we can work at an easier pace.  It is a fantastic quilt and easy.  It requires one jelly roll or a Treat and one inner and outer border and setting triangle fabric and you have an approximately 67" x 87" quilt top with little waste or leftover fabric.  The class begins at 10am and runs until 1pm on both Tuesdays.


Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
Bread and Butter will be both Wednesday, October 6th  and Saturday, October 9th from 9am to 12noon.  We are doing the Acorn Squash Table Runner.  You can still join!  Check out all the information at this link www.jampatch.comNewsflashes  This is a sewing class so bring your machines and get them done.  I did this table runner in three-1/2 hours with everything pre-cut. 

We received the neatest information from Moda this week on the inside cover of their latest Collection catalog.  It is on color basics and if there is one thing we know here at the Patch color is a discussion we could spend a lot of time on.  Here it is in it's entirety.  Thank you Moda for allowing us to do this. 
A color is described as cool or warm depending on its position in the color spectrum and the hues of its nearest neighboring colors. 
Red, orange and yellow are warm colors, while violet and blue are cool colors.  Green is said to be the most neutral color. 
Colors are further categorized into primary, secondary and tertiary colors. 
Primary colors are blue, red and yellow.  These are pure colors that have no component other than themselves. 
Secondary colors are orange, green and purple.  These are composed of the primary colors on either side of it on the color wheel. i.e. Orange = red+yellow, Green = blue+yellow, Purple = blue+red.  
Tertiary colors are orange-red, orange-yellow, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-purple, and red-purple.  Tertiary colors assume more of one color than the other.
We hope to see you soon and that you will enjoy all that we have to offer.  Take care.  Happy Quilting!!!!
Joey and Margy
The JaM Patch
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