Hi to all,

We hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are.  Margy is having a great time with her grandchildren as well as the rest of her family and Mom and I are enjoying our sewing and hanging out together.  All is good with us and we hope it is good with you.  We are participating in the Fabshop Network "Blow Out Sale" and decided we should offer you the great buy we are offering as we participate in the sale hop.  It is as follows: 

Buy one pattern or book and get the second pattern or book of equal or lesser value at 50% OFF. The 50% off will be the sale price less 50%.  Price will be adjusted prior to shipping and an email will be sent verifying your actual amount that will be charged to your credit card. THE CORRECT PRICE WILL NOT APPEAR ON THE ORIGINAL ORDER.  Shipping charges must be based on the original amount.  You can chose any number of patterns and books and the second one each time will be reduced to 50% 0ff the stated SALE PRICE.  BROWSE THIS LINK AND SEE ALL THE PATTERNS AND BOOKS AVAILABLE.

As many of you have taken advantage of already, if you can pick it up from us at the Guild Meetings we attend then there is no shipping charge.  As it stands now, I do plan to be at the meeting for Crazy Quilters on Wednesday, August 21st and can bring any orders there.  We can meet at 12:30 pm before the meeting.  We take off your shipping charges when we charge your credit card.  This is not reflected in the original order fee.  So let us know after you place the order, that you will be picking it up.  I will send you an email verifying the sale prices as well as the "No Shipping fee."  Send the email to  

Have a great weekend. 

Our best for a  fun filled final days of summer,  Joey and Margy
The JaM Patch
Stuart, FL