JaM Patch News ----- Final PMS Session Saturday

Hi to all,

Well, hot off the presses or should I say candy molds, the first bag of Brach's candy corn was brought to the store during the Sunday session of "It's Raining Men....Snowmen" by Nancy P.  She, of course, won student of the weekend sessions. It smelled so great and tasted better. I did share!!!!! So it's official Fall is here!!!! Plans are swirling in our heads and by the end of August, you will know the Fall plans as well.

But back to the business at hand. This Saturday is the final session of the Patch's Monthly Sampler or affectionately known as PMS. It was a day that no calories eaten at the store counted and chocolate was cetainly the choice of the day. The session will begin on 9:30am.  We saw a film of Margy's family's farm for the "Corn and Beans" block; learned that if a color can't be seen while galloping on a horse along side, DON'T use it in the quilt (thank you, Theresa); also how many things that can be made from 12 blocks (Maureen, I think you win that); not to use your tongue to check the heat of your iron (June's suggestion of the year); that things made in purple are special (A tribute to Purple Sally); that oriental can be done in any 12 blocks (Jeanne S. showed us) and so many more than I can possibly remember. We did learn that Paper Pieceing isn't necessary a 13-letter word or did we. In addition, a room full of people or was it on the sidewalk, can't see an error you make in the block or were they too kind to tell me. We became friends and laughed a lot. But as with many things the times they have changed and we are startying a new program to replace PMS on the second Saturday and Wednesday morning. It is called the "Bread and Butter Society." Information is below at the end of the newsletter and there is info and pictures on the web at www.jampatch.com. We will actually be sewing. It will be a blast. So try to make it a yes on your schedule.

The new items continue to arrive and do we have some different items for the store. We heard your request for some animals....deers, eagles, etc. and we bought the best looking line we saw. It is called "Winter Whispers." They are beautiful. Here is a sample and a link to the patterns.
www.wilmingtonprints.com/PImages/Pdf_113.pdf  The bunny is so cute. 
We, also, have received in fabric from 
PAULA NADELSTERN"s Deja Vu.  Here is a quilt done in the fabric.
We have more Christmas and Fall as well.  Do stop by and see what we have to offer.

Joey and Margy
The JaM Patch
932 SE Central Parkway
Stuart, Florida 34994

The JaM Patch presents

"Bread & Butter Society"

by Kaye England

A 6 session program of innovation and education
The JaM Patch will present this program to you as a Club that includes your pattern, exclusive to the "Society", class instruction with Joey or Margy, time to sew with your friends in our classroom and exclusive offers to you each Club Meeting.

The JaM Patch is offering this Club with several options.

A quarterly membership for Sept, Oct and Nov $15.

If kits are purchased at the time of membership $ 71.25 (3 kits)

A monthly membership for each individual month $ 10. each

Kits purchased individually:

Sept $ 21.50 "Peanut Butter Bars" 13"x19" AND "Jelly Stars" 21" x 21"

Oct $ 28.50 "Acorn Squash Tablerunner" 22" x 60"

Nov $ 36.25 "Fruit Chutney" 45" x 50"

A quarterly membership for Dec, Jan and Feb $15.

If kits are purchased at the same time as membership $ 218.75 (3 kits)

A monthly membership for individual months $ 10. each

Kits purchased individually:

Dec $ 73.75 "Toast and Jam" 60" x 60"

Jan $ 72.50 "Spicy Popovers" 57" x 57"

Feb $ 87.50 "Yule Logs" 61" x 74"

All kits will be prepared AFTER they have been purchased. We will make every effort to have them ready prior to the Club meeting.

These projects have been designed exclusively by Kaye England for the Bread & Butter Society. Kaye has also designed the accompanying fabric line but all patterns can easily be "scrappy." That means use your own stash or change the color palette to suit your needs. The sizes of the patterns can be changed be simply repeating the elements or adding borders.

At the JaM Patch we will be happy to help you design the patterns to fit your needs. Enjoy these traditional patterns with the ease of Kaye's directions and the assistance of Joey and Margy.

If the JaM Patch is preparing a kit for you, we must have payment one week prior to the class to insure your kit is prepared before the Club meeting.

Schedule: Wednesday, Sept 8th 9 - 12 Saturday, Sept 11th 9 - 12

Wednesday, Oct 6th 9 - 12 Saturday, Oct 9th 9 - 12

Wednesday, Nov 10th 9 - 12 Saturday, Nov 13th 9 - 12

Wednesday, Dec 8th 9 - 12 Saturday, Dec 11th 9 - 12

Wednesday, Jan 5th 9 - 12 Saturday, Jan 8th 9 - 12

Wednesday, Feb 9th 9 - 12 Saturday, Feb 12th 9 - 12


The Bread & Butter Society 2010/ 2011 membership


E-mail address___________________________________

Phone # _______________________________________

Quarterly membership: Sept/ Oct/ Nov $15 Dec/ Jan/ Feb $15

Quarterly Kits: $71.25 $218.75

Monthly membership $10ea Sept/ Oct/ Nov/ Dec/ Jan/ Feb (circle months attending)

Kits purchasing:

Sept: "Peanut Butter Bars" and "Jelly Stars" $21.50

Oct: "Acorn Squash Tablerunner" $28.50

Nov: "Fruit Chutney" $36.25

Dec: "Toast and Jam" $73.75

Jan: "Spicy Popovers" $72.50

Feb: "Yule Logs" $87.50

All kits will be prepared AFTER they have been purchased. We will make every effort to have them ready prior to the Club meeting.