JaM Patch Happenings

  • There are no calendar items for this month or next month.

Upcoming Happenings:

  • Five day Blow-out!
  • May 21-25, 2012 in our internet shop

The JaM Patch Bazaar

 Thank you for making our fabric sale a great success.   Although we had hoped the April event would be our last we are afraid there may be One More.  Look for more information in the fall.

Here is what you missed if you did not make it:
Fabrics $4.00 per yard
1 yard minimum

$3.00 per yard

Specialty Fabrics 50% OFF

Kits and Notions  60% OFF

There is one rule:  CASH ONLY!!!!  All sales are final.  Sorry these bargains are not offered at the Internet Shoppe. 

The JaM Patch Closed its Brick and Mortar Store!!!

The JaM Patch has closed its Brick and Mortar store after 5-1/2 years in business.  Joey and Margy
are retiring to an easier schedule.  We wish all the best to our customers
who came to this beautiful store.
We will miss you but are looking forward to more time
with our families and friends for traveling, quilting and
sitting by the pool. 
Thank you for this wonderful experience.

We are now rejuvenated and working on our next quilting endeavor.
We hope you will be a part of this new JaM Patch. 
We are going high tech and we are show hopping.  We hope
you will see us at the various Quilt Shows in the area. 
We know you will have a great time in our new JaM Patch